If we were having coffee right now we would be seated at an isolated table in the corner of the coffee shop. We would be seated looking at the activities going on outside. People going about their businesses each oblivious to the other.
The steaming cups of coffee going cold in front of us would be of no bother to us. You would be telling me all about what you’ve been up to lately. Your joys and pains. The boss at your workplace who is a complete pain in the ass. That new relationship that you are in that you are hopeful will probably last longer and go further than the previous. Your dreams that you still cling on and are still adamant that before life ends you will have achieved them. You will rant about the weather lately and how just recently you were fighting a cold from the sudden changes.
Then I will tell you all about my ordeals lately. I will tell you of my progress in school and how some of the lectures are getting harder by the day (leave alone the things taught that lately are more of an enigma). My dreams and nightmares that seem to be growing bigger everyday even scaring me the bearer of them.
Better still I will tell you of my latest dilemma. I am currently at both the top and bottom at the same time. How is that? You will wonder. Well, I am at what is infamously known as the writer’s block. I have been coming up with very amazing pieces just recently I was at the top of the world and then out of nowhere I hit rock bottom. It’s like my creativity has died off. I seem to be in a position where I can’t come up with anything that you would consider readable. Or is it just in my head?
Hours later we would finish our cold coffees not complaining but glad that we got the chance to catch up. In the back of our minds we will be longing for the next time we get to do it again.



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Title:none,Content:love is not negotiable its a guessing game and thats the beauty of it its like diving into a pool of water without knowing if its shallow or deep and if its shallow you end up hurt and paralyzed from the neck down but if its deep……its a leap of faith

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