RENS Book Club (Sharing the Love)


‘Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are’

-Mason Cooley

What is love? What is friendship? How do you express love? Do you believe that…


Yes love has a face. Kelvin and I decided to share our love for the RENS book club. A club that has shown us the face of love. The book club was formed three and a half months ago when the lovely Cera Kieha came up with the idea of bringing together book lovers (who we shall profile later in another post). The objectives of the book club are :

  1. R – Reading
  2. E – Exchanging books
  3. N – Networking
  4. S – Sharing Experiences.

Recently, we came together for a picnic as an opportunity for members to meet for what the club calls ‘Books, Nature, and Wine Picnic.’ We will tell the story of the day through the pictures below :

Every picnic starts with shopping for books. … well, window shopping comes close.



Arriving; there were some two guys at the back who didn’t know how to picnic.  (David and Soi)


Christine got a special greeting from Vinny. (Now that’s how you greet a lady).


When you are out in nature you do what you have to survive (traditional wine opening).


And the wine was finally opened. Kev busy dictating who gets to go first.


A tongue selfie moment.


Kev had some explaining to do.


Vinny did his best to drive his point home.


Christine was more than fascinated with what Kev was saying.


‘I fell in love with you in advance,’ Vinny said. Milly burst out laughing.


I finally sat down to gobble down a drink (I am in the black T-shirt).


A selfie moment.


The debate got so heated. No one was willing to take it seated down.


As it is said even a perfect day can end in rain.


The day was perfectly spent, we had fun (at some point we had to establish whether some members were under the influence *wink* #Wine). The heated debates on various topics and the company of each other was awesome. Not every member of the club managed to avail themselves, however, we shall salute them individually on the next post.

What is love? You are still wondering. For us, as RENS members that is our own definition of love and the face we give it.




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