8 Lessons I Learned from Blue Collar Millionaires

“Passion makes you dangerous.”


Anyone who doesn’t love success stories? A show of hands. No one. I figured. We all love them. I just finished watching the TV series Blue Collar Millionaires. It is a one of a kind documentary. The stories are of men and women who have made it in fields that would make most cringe. Rearing worms. See you cringed.

I especially loved a line the commentator used, “these men and women have found ways of turning DIYs into ROIs”. Let me get down to it. The following are the lessons I took away from the series :

1. Just start.

I know we have all heard of this line at some point in our lives. It cannot be over emphasized. In anything that you plan on doing. Be it to start a business. A blog. That novel you have always wanted to write. The most important thing will be to start. Even if you have no clear plan of the future. Just start.

2. It won’t happen overnight.

On a daily basis in whatever endeavour we are involved in we strive to be successful at it. Being successful in many ways reaffirms that our sweat and tears were not in vain. There are those nonetheless who want it immediately. It just doesn’t work like that. Sometimes, you will have to even wait for decades before finally attaining success. It all boils down to whether you can be tenacious at what you do.

3. See opportunity where others do not.

The men and women in the series did not become millionaires by just doing what everyone else was doing. They saw opportunities in the most unlikely of places. One of the guys kills bugs for a living. Weird. I know right. Another one dropped out of med school to hurl junk. Now, I am not saying you drop out of school. The most important thing is to spot that opportunity and seize it.

4. Take that leap of faith (gamble).

The one thing that ultimately defines the successful ones from the rest, are those who are willing to risk it all. Would you be willing to take that gamble? Do not forget that it could be that that is the only card you have on you. That one and only chance to roll the dice.

5. You will do with some inspiration.

On your walk to success you will do with some inspiration. It is this that will keep that fire in your belly  burning. Also it helps to keep you focused. It might be from your parents. It could be from your spouse. It could be from that situation in your life that you are running away from. Get you some inspiration to keep you going no matter the circumstances.

6. Always strive to be better.

This is one factor that contributed most to their success. They strived to not only outdo their competition, but to always be better. That made sure that at any one time they were a step ahead.

7. Adapt to change.

The road to success is not a straight path. It is a long winding road full of obstacles. To get to the end of that road you will have to constantly keep adapting to the challenges that come your way. You have to keep moving forward no matter what. At the end of the day that will make all the difference in the world.

8. Always think of the progeny.

As you work on that business to get to the top, it is important to have a vision. Also strive to ensure that your posterity gets to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Have a vision of establishing a dynasty that will last many generations.

If you have watched the series, kindly leave a comment of other lessons you learnt.

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Happy Labour Day.

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Teiya Oloilole


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