Deceit and Captivity (Changing the narrative)

I have seen the devil’s grin but I miss the angel’s light.


“Ii mchezo yetu tutacheza wajaluo wawili na wakikuyu watatu,” the first kids says.

Kwa nini wajaluo wawili?” another kid questions.

“Si huyu acheze, wakue wajaluo watatu,” another kid chimes in.

Apana huyu si mjaluo…ni mluhya,” another kid is more than happy to set the record straight.

                                         * * *
That introduction is not fiction. It happened. A eureka moment for me. The sheer joy (No wonder that eureka guy ran around naked). What is the discovery? You ask. Let us go back to the beginning. All the way back.

We were brought forth into the world. Innocent minds (blank cheques, if you can allow the imagery). Ready to be moulded into anything. Then the sacrilegious. You are male. You are female. You are black. You are white. You are Christian. You are Muslim. You are this…You are that. They taught us to be proud of who we are. Variables. They did not tell us they were poisoning our minds to recognize the variations.

Later on, after laying the foundation. They told us one group is superior. Another one is painted as inferior. Be proud of who you are. They told us. The acrimony grows. Soon we are looking down on one another. In a heartbeat we are ready to kill the other’s heartbeat. Where is our humanity?

Let us all unite and change the narrative. Let us rewrite our own story. Let us say no to all of it. RACISM. TRIBALISM. DISCRIMINATION. TERRORISM. GENDER INEQUALITY.

Teiya Oloilole


2 thoughts on “Deceit and Captivity (Changing the narrative)

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  1. Yes. We are the same. We begin speaking of tribes in adulthood. It would seem some become stupid and foolish in adulthood. Unless we retract our Amber ways, we will never create a Denmark or a Norway here in Africa.

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