In Search of Redress…(The Epistles #7)

**If you are reading this post for the first time, this post is the third in a series. To read the first post in that series click here. To read the second post click here.


Dear Rayya,

Don’t take this letter the wrong way (your words, remember?). I have been thinking, long and hard on whether it would be appropriate to respond to your earlier letter. Of course, there is also the issue of gathering enough guts to go against your wishes (but that is not important, or is it?).

I have also been in consultation. With who? You ask. Some of my friends. To be honest, the advice I got from a number of them has me worried. About what? Their sanity to start with. The rational ones told me to let it slide and not respond. ‘Just let it go,’ they said.

The others, had a different opinion. They said I had to hit back. Never back down (that is a quote I presume, right?). You have to show her who is the man between the two of you (I swear those are their words not mine). I told you their sanity is in doubt. So here I am responding to your letter (does that make me insane?).

It’s hard between me and you. Life is not a straight path. I like to imagine ours is even worse. It is like walking down a winding road on a gloomy day with not even the slightest hope of sunlight. Don’t mistake me for a pessimist (heck! Even the Everest was conquered eventually).

I told you I have been deep in thought. About what? You ask. Us. The future. The consequences. Hope these thoughts also cross your mind (in your stubbornness you might deny). I even had some thoughts about me and you and forever (as one thought, just to clarify).

Emotions. I hear they cause some sleepless nights. Lately, someone accused me of not harboring any emotions (vile accusation. In my defense). Am I like that? Be honest. In case the verdict is guilty, in the words of Frank Ocean, “A sad man may not cry in front of other men,” (can you then imagine an emotional man. He may not even give off an aura).

The issues of building and crossing bridges. Rest easy. The other day I looked at some designs. Looks easy. All I need now is the right material. I have it covered on that end. We will meet halfway (these days it’s all about equality).

In conclusion, you left me a challenge. I did not even take the easy route. I came up with a poem. From where? How on earth? From the confines of my being (despite the accusations). Here goes:

My dear Rayya,
You shine like the moon,
Your sheer beauty,
Makes my heart race,
The look in your eyes,
Enchants me…

A few cliches later you have to give me some credit. At least I tried. You can call it a working progress. Hey! We are also a working progress. Love.


Teiya Oloilole


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