Through the Window (A critical look at the world)

All things in life are temporary. If they are going well, enjoy them, they will not last forever. If they are going wrong, don’t worry they can’t last long either.


I am standing at my window looking out at the world. (Actually just the part of it that is visible to my eyesight). The wind is blowing softly. I can tell because of the leaves swaying in the wind. Some leaves seem to resist the effects of the winds. Renegades you called them. In life there are those of us who just exist, moving along to the wind of life. Then they are those who strive to live enjoying the beauty of being alive, the wind of life does not merely move them.


The trees look majestic. They stand tall and strong. They have stood the test of time. Through the seasons, both good and bad, they still hold their ground. Literally, they have been through thick and thin. Lord, why not give me such resolve to be able to stand through the tribulations of time without giving up. They take time to mature, slowly inching skywards inch by inch. We humans grow up too fast that at times we forget to enjoy life.

The sun is shinning lightly on the leaves. The shadows formed are anything but artistic. I want to stretch out my hand and feel the sunlight on my hand. I am hesitant. Lately, malicious is the only word I can come up to describe that thing lately. Lord it is like someone in your house cranked up the AC but in the wrong direction. I can no longer afford the luxury of basking in the sun. Staying indoors is no alternative either. Please check on it.

A bee floats nearby. Industrious creature that one. Out and about looking for that very important ingredient. Funny how such a small being comes up with the sweetest substance on the face of the earth. You would think man with all his capabilities would at least come close. Instead all we seem to be good at is causing havoc.

Lord, some time ago in the Bible a faithful servant of yours said a prayer. The said servant prayed that you give him enough that he may not lack and steal but just enough so that he may not end up with so much that it gets to his head. Some of your creatures seem not to have heard of that prayer. They are robbing us dry. Forget the stealing from Paul to pay Peter. They are stealing from Paul end of story. Please, bring back Robinhood. We call them corrupt. They take what is not theirs. They are sending my country to the dogs. Actually the vultures are already circling above. We are facing imminent death. Send a bee to sting them. Do they even tithe? Thieves I tell you.

A bird soars to the sky. Just as I am about to hold my breath it lets loose and glides. Do I wish I could fly? You bet. Lord, if you are ever in a mood where you feel like doing something unnatural don’t send floods. Grant me the ability to fly. Besides man is adamant on destroying this earth. Forget the natural disasters. The other day listened to this guy saying carbon monoxide is not harmful. Seriously. They don’t seem to get your warning. That flying ability would really suit me. Maybe a bird’s eye view of the world is what I need next.

Something almost hits my window. A butterfly flutters  by. A real beauty. It is a true wonder how such a beautiful creature is born out of an ugly creature. Is it the same with us? Despite all the ugliness and chaos deep within us lies beauty and peace. We just have to let it out. I close my eyes. Moments to be savored are best done with our eyes closed. Why?

One minute is up.

Teiya Oloilole


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