Back To The Future…(The Epistles#4)

Dear Me,

As I sit to write you this letter (Actually type. But don’t hold your breath). I cannot help but wonder. What will you be like? Twenty years to come. Will you be a true representation of me? Will you still hold the same values I do now? How much will you have changed? Will you still have my smile? The list is endless…but hope you will have overcome my current photophobic tendency (Something about saying cheese before that camera click totally escapes me).

To pressing matters. They say you can’t predict your tomorrow let alone your future. If that were possible, this letter would have been a long list of things to do in anticipation of our future (Pardon the plural there but I am doubtful of how you will turn out. So its safe for me to assume you will be a totally different person. You get it).

On that matter you are on your own. But what you are doing currently will determine the future? You ask. Well, I am doing my best. I try to watch what I eat. I ensure I remain healthy. I am currently in school racking my brain so that you may have a bright future. Education is the key. Someone said that. To what lock I am yet to find out. You can clearly see how much I am doing. And there is even more. Hold up!! It is too early for that victory dance. You never know how it will turn out. This life is just f…full of surprises.


To a lighter matter. Do you want to end up as a bachelor all your life? Forget I even asked that. Do you even exist. Anyway, I decide how our future turns out to be. It’s tough out here I tell you. Looking for a companion for us. Just recently, this beautiful creature. A stone’s throw away from me. I could smell her perfume. Her eyes. This thing she had done to them(She must have used eye pencil. FYI, it is used for beautification). Black and sexy. I think they even had glitters. Talk to her. I told myself. Here goes nothing. She looked at you warmly. She possibly can’t say no to your charms. Grow some balls my guy. If you chicken out, she will think of you as a loser. These voices inside my head. Long story short, it was sad to watch her walk away, having said absolutely nothing ( It was heartbreaking even. Whether it is worse than rejection we will never know now will we?). Don’t panic. We will hopefully not die sad and alone. When the right now comes along I will be sure not to pass up the opportunity. How will you know she is the right one for us?  You ask. Apparently I will know. Don’t ask how.

I could keep on ranting. On what? Well, on the type of music you should listen to. The kinds of clothes you should wear. The way you should walk and talk. The… Let me stop myself. You probably will not be anything like me.

In conclusion, let me say I hope you will be proud. Proud of the choices I will have made. Proud of the things I will have accomplished. Proud of the chances I took and those that went by. Proud of the man you will turn out to be. I beseech you never to look back in shame to the man I am today. And when you talk about me, be proud to declare that I am the man that made you who you will be.

Teiya Oloilole.


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