HEARTBREAKS (To those we have lost)

“When I’m gone just carry on don’t mourn just rejoice”


‘From dust we came to dust we…,’ those words have stuck with Chloe all these years. The sound the casket made still echoes in her head as the first handful of soil landed on it. These thoughts caused a searing pain that tore through her very existence. That day was many years ago when she bid farewell to the mother she never came to know.

Today, she holds on to snippets of memory of the woman life robbed her of. She had come to paint her own picture of the mother she would have wanted. She imagined she would have been the most caring and loving woman. On other instances she pictured her with superhuman abilities.

Staring at her picture, she smiles. It is the only one she has left. A black and white picture of her seated down. ‘I have her smile,’ she cannot help but think that. She places it on her chest, closing her eyes and breathing in softly. She savors the moment.

Deep down she found it hard to fight this nagging feelings and thoughts. ‘Who would she be?’ ‘How would she look like?’ ‘Would she still love me the same?’  ‘Would she be proud of the woman I have turned out to be?’ ‘Would she approve of the things I have done?’ These ceaseless thoughts just refused to go away.

‘Till we meet again,’ she said in a murmur. A single teardrop fell from her jawbone to be forever lost.


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