HALL OF FAME (My exclusive list)

‘I got mad flow…so don’t mess wit me…my rhyme skills are sicker than the flu,’ (‘You seriously think that would sell?’ he inquires.
‘Why not? Isn’t that the kind of stuff every top rapper is spitting these days,’ he fires back with a sneer.
‘Oh! Please, could you just go back to telling stories,’ the earlier answers back with contempt.) That is the conversation in my head after listening to a rap mix. I start getting crazy thoughts that I could also come up with rhyme schemes and make hits. Wishes! (Eye roll). Maybe end up on the hall of fame alongside the greats?


According to the Wikipedia, a hall of fame is a list of individuals who are considered to be outstanding (illustrious) in a particular field or sport. Simply put its a list of names of those through their deeds even impact some change.

Today, I am also going to compile my own personal hall of fame (as a precursor before my name ends up on one). I’ll call it The Neophyte Hall of Fame.

Before you get ahead of yourself and submit your name to feature on my hall of fame (Hold up!!). There is a twist. My list is going to be one of a kind. After much consideration and some soul searching (and I even came across skeletons in my own closet that also scared me personally). I came up with a list. What or Who is on that list? (Frowns).

I recently got inspiration from one of Drake’s song ( Do I personally think he is one the best? Of course ). In one of his lines he says, ‘scream out my failures, whisper my accomplishments.’ Hope by now you getting the drill? I did an audit of my supposed successes and failures thus far.
My failures actually topped the final draft I came up with. Why? You may ask.

That opportunity that I let slip by. That endeavor that I failed at. That project that I never started or gave up midway. That relationship that did not work out because of a myriad of reasons. And the list goes on. The above constitute my alleged failures. My successes only do so much as stroke my ego and make me sloppy by filling my head with thoughts of owing the world. On the other hand my failures leave a bruised ego and alongside that a lesson to take with me. Important lessons of what or what not to do the next time around. This holy grail is the reason why my failures feature prominently in my hall of fame.

What would your hall of fame include?


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