It’s that time of the year again. Aaarrgghhh!!!. Love is in the air. The ladies are ecstatic and full of expectations. The men are torn. So much hanging on the balance. Make or break situations. It is so easy to drop the ball when you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

But why would ladies wait a whole year just for a single day to be treated special. Why not just demand every day of the year to be a Valentine? ( beats me).

Gifts and flowers will be bought all throughout this week. Girls dreams will come true. They will feel like queens and princesses. Ever thought about the flip side? Handkerchiefs will also be bought in equal measure. The number of broken hearts is also on the rise. It must be hard to try and love yourself that one day of the year when the love is supposed to come from someone else.

There are also the renegades. They have denounced the day as being of no significance to them. Either from being single too long or from their waned belief in love. They vow it’s better to spend the day alone compared to being  snuggled in another’s arms.

Take a moment to leave a comment wishing everyone a good one.

Happy Valentine.


2 thoughts on “VALENTINE SPECIAL

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  1. I celebrate love daily….I think you have to. 💚 I am an ever-in-hope- romantic and I like Valentines Day for what it means to others. Alas my day will be spent watching my favorite movies and writing. Alone but not lonely. May your Valentines Day be wonderful!


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