2016… (The Epistles #3)


Dear God,

‘Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not…’ –Isaiah 54:2

It’s a wrap for the year 2015. I am grateful for this far that I have come and I am reminded always that it is so because of your mercy. As it is said the end of anything is always better than its beginning (the irony). When it comes to the end of a year, I always have this bittersweet feeling.
There is the weight of the New Year filled with uncertainties. I start off my years with great expectations of all the great things I am hoping to achieve within the course of that year. The fear of failure nevertheless is always there lurking in the shadows like a thief.
Okay, enough of my rantings about how my years start. I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for yet another year (I am a year older but secretly wishing I could be young again!! (Pun intended). As another year begins I pray for your guidance Almighty. May the year ahead be full of prosperity and blessings. May whatever endeavor I undertake be a success. Enlarge my territories this year.
I would also like in advance to say thank you. Along the way as I get to achieve milestones I may get carried away and forget to show my gratitude not remembering that everything happens by your power and not by the power of man. I also pray for strength. To enable me overcome any mountains that I may encounter along the way. And be quick to remind me that as I embark to climb these mountains not to tire from the enormous task but rather to psyche myself of the beautiful view that awaits at the top when I make it there. Also grant me the willpower to keep on going no matter how many times I slip and fall. Give me the faith to call unto you in my times of tribulations and trust in you to deliver me safely.

Oh Lord, I could go on and on. You know how man can be? I pray that you look into my heart at what is there and that you will be with me throughout this year. Amen!
The Neophyte.


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