I could just not let a new year come along without wishing you all a prosperous and blessed year ahead. I hope you have taken some time to ponder over the year that is just about to come to a close. As I write this article it is less than four hours for my year to come to an end.
Are there resolutions that I did not manage to fulfill? Of course. Will I sit and think of myself as a failure and moan? No. I am going to pick up the pieces, the lessons learnt in the past year and my achievements and walk into the New Year proud of myself. And it’s not because my achievements were monumental nor my failures catastrophic. But because at the end of it all I am reminded that I am still human.
I will close by telling you of one of the achievements that I really consider to have been life changing this past year. Can you guess? I finally started blogging and it’s been a little over three months and I can proudly say the fire is still burning in me to keep on writing (on why I changed the blog’s name from ‘The Apprentice’ to ‘The Neophyte’ is a matter I’ll discuss in the coming year) The year would not be complete without a word of gratitude from me to the readers of my blog and the community of bloggers I have come to know and interact with since I started. Hope we will continue in the same spirit of telling our stories through pictures and words.
As the New Year starts I would like to teach you of something new I recently learned. I attended a seminar where the speaker taught of one of the things I am taking with me to the New Year. She spoke of giving your year a name. Of all the resolutions that you will set for yourself there is really that one thing that you want to happen during that year. Or it could be that feeling of what your year will be like. It could be your year of prosperity. Or your year of deliverance. Or your year for great things to happen.
Personally, I am calling 2016 the year that I forge new paths in my life. I feel it is high time I get out of my comfort zone and push myself beyond my limits and do new things. Along the way I hope I get to meet and interact with new people and touch lives in the process. What name will you call your 2016?
Happy New Year.


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