HEAVEN (Is your definition conceded?)


“Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you consider God to be.”

Is heaven real? Is there a God? Is hell for real? I am not even going to dare try and venture into those murky waters. It is laden with traps and pitfalls. And to be honest I don’t even have the answers to the above questions.

Why are you writing about heaven then? (Some of you are already frowning) Well, this is actually an inspirational piece. Recently, one evening the sun was setting and the sunset was anything but pleasant. Dark clouds loomed in the sky and the threat of a downpour was imminent. To make it more bearable I decided to listen to some music. By sheer luck or whatever you want to call it, I settled for Nas’ album Son of God.

One hit after another, the rhymes were taking me to places (where exactly that is I have no idea). Then one song struck me, Heaven, and the chorus was the line, “What if heaven was a mile away?”

Would I be different? If heaven was in my neighborhood. Would I walk over there and ask for an audience with the Lord? What would I ask of Him? Would He grant my dreams and wishes? Would I love differently? Would I think twice before taking an action or uttering words?

As all this thoughts were raging through my mind, marveling about how things would be if it was so. The song climaxed to a complete surprise even for me.

The artist concluded by clarifying that the heaven he was referring to was our minds and hearts. What you have in your mind and heart constitutes your heaven. Is it pure or are you filled with the turmoil of daily life? Is it white as snow or black as coal? Only you determine what your heaven looks like.

I’ll conclude by this, that it is suffice to say that really heaven is a mile away.


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