THE EPISTLES (Part Two…The End)


Dear Former Lover,
You were a dream come true. That day years ago when I first laid my eyes on you was like a prophecy come true. I will not claim that my heart skipped a beat quite the contrary. I was gripped with fear of whether I would muster enough courage to approach you. Sorry for my crappy lines, I swear I had it at least planned out how I wanted our first meeting to go but I guess not everything goes according to plan.
The moments after that day were blissful to say the least. I had the world at my feet. Even a couple of my friends came to claim that then I had grown a shade lighter. I came to love you to bits, you never let me have anything easy and that fueled further the flame that was already there. You could say we were toxic together our worlds were colliding head on but we didn’t care to die on impact. Those tears in your eyes when I went down on one knee to this day makes my heart glow with pride.
Now to the reason why I am writing this letter before I derail and end up only reminiscing the magical memories we made (we have been through thick and thin). I am yet to return from that dark place you sent me to. How could you? I thought you would have laid down your life for the good thing we had going. I am not sure whether it’s the deceit or the betrayal that hurts the most. When did you decide we were not good enough? When did our ship hit the iceberg? When did it start leaking water? And could we not repair it before it sunk? When did you give up on us?
The future? For me it is lost. What will I do without you? I had pictured us growing old together. Me and you, old and gray (all our teeth having fallen off) our love strong as ever. I am at the bottom currently, I am drained. I don’t even know whether I have the energy to start all over again. I don’t even know whether I will do it. Do I have those thoughts if you were wondering? Yes. I wish my life would end. Save me from this misery, I consider it a heart disease because a heartbreak does not suffice to describe the agony I am going through.
I only hope that this letter of mine elicits a response from you, the others have gone unanswered. It would give me closure to hear your side of the story.
All the Best,
The Apprentice.


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