SECRET MOST FOUL…(of skeletons in the most unlikely of places)

Inspired by:

‘When did all this start?’ she would ask.
‘I don’t know when it happened, it just did,’ Maria would answer.
Maria was playing this likely scenario in her mind. She had to make up her mind fast, her window was expiring. Her hands were trembling, ‘What if the reaction is even worse?’ the thought could not be ignored. It was either she tells her mum about her situation or she would lose the love of her life. That was the ultimatum.
She had been born into a loving family. Being Christian, she was brought up in accordance with the church and from an early age she was involved in the activities of the church. Her father was an elder in the church and her mother was heavily invested in the women’s guild. Her childhood was just like any other quite normal actually you could say she very much enjoyed playing with her peers.
Things started getting out of hand as she completed her primary school. All her girlfriends by then were pretty much infatuated by this or that boy. But she was different, she did not feel attracted to any boy. Then it was nothing to worry about she had read about late bloomers as they were referred to those who matured much later than the expected age. Naturally she was to attend a Christian all-girl high school. It was those years among all those girls that she found herself. At first she was unsure why she was particularly excited by girls. She had come across an article that had described this queer behavior of people who are attracted to their same sex. Was she queer? Was something wrong with her? Why did she like girls?
Years later in the university she had met and fallen in love with Jackie. They had kept their relationship under wraps for a long time. Now they were at that age when society expected them to be getting married and raising kids. The pressure from their families was growing on what their future as long as starting families of their own was concerned. Jackie wanted them to come clean. Maria was hesitant. She was a Christian (we her kind not condemned in the Bible?). But the Lord was a merciful God, surely won’t He have mercy on her soul for this atrocity? But she didn’t ask for this?
Today, Maria is seated in the living room she grew up in. She has come home for the weekend. Jackie had issued the ultimatum the week before. It was now or never. Her mum was expected to walk in any time now from a bible study meeting. Would she have the courage to do it? What will the reaction of her parents be? The turmoil in her mind was not doing any good to help her current situation. What will the future hold?


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