THE EPISTLES… (Part one)


Dear Future Wife,
Where do I start? What do I tell you? First, a word of reassurance, I long discarded those lists that people have that they as a checklist (they are limiting just to say the least) of what their future partners should be like. It hit me that half of what is on those lists is usually inspired by photoshopped models that we grew up seeing (the fantasies being peddled around with price tags). Only condition I have is that from the first time I lay my eyes on you (till infinity thereafter) you amaze me and always arouse my curiosity.
Second, some ground rules. You will be my queen (by association) and you are not allowed to go into a war with the other queen in my life (my mum). You are never to put me in a position where I am to choose between the two of you. That said, me being your king you are to treat me with the delicacy given to a child.
Third, forget the feminism campaign being paraded all over, I hope you are honing your culinary skills. Despite the sprouting of food joints virtually everywhere (I hear they even do home deliveries). I still prefer a home cooked meal. Don’t misunderstand me, I am no tyrant expecting you to be slaving away in the kitchen on a daily basis, if it is any consolation I am also learning a thing or two, maybe once in a while I’ll prepare us a decent meal.
Fourth, don’t be a blonde. I have no intentions of ending up with just a pretty lady in pretty dresses. At least know about the current affairs and have your opinions on this and that matter. I would very much love to have someone to discuss issues with (whether we agree to disagree).
That is all for now, but this is just the first of many letters I’ll write to you before our meeting on that future date.
Yours Truly,
The Apprentice.


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