Inspired by…A tweet

Art is my second passion. It is the other thing that awakens those demons inside me that make my blood boil. Growing up I developed a particular liking for tattoos. Once I even considered a career as a tattoo artist (the dream isn’t dead, I could still do it).
Body art done by a real master is breathtaking. I dream of having tattoos covering every inch of my body. And that there is my undoing. I am at loggerheads whether to get a good vs. evil one, guns n. roses, or even a skull tattoo…and that list is endless. I happen to want them all (call it being at crossroads!). Everyday new types of tattoos are being invented by an artist somewhere and I am sure I’d fall in love with some of them to want one done on me.
The light at the end of the tunnel on this matter is far from the offing, because I am sure a solution would involve taking one and leaving the other and I am not ready to do that (that would be traitorous, right?). So I have resolved to only live my life admiring masterpieces done and wish I could have all of them. Is that a manifestation of greed or my fetish with great works of art?


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