MY SPACE (land of the lost)

My writing space, I don’t know whether equating it to a divine place would be appropriate but there are sacred rules to be considered. I like it serene, so that I could hear all the voices talking to me in my head but not necessarily quiet. Having some of the greats blaring in the background is a welcome when they (voices) in my head overpower me and I need an escape.

Today, with technology and all I have been reduced to writing on my laptop and staring at that screen that I hear if I do too much could cause me eye problems. Deep down in the darkest parts of my soul I long for that smell of a book and pen on paper.

But I also have my dream writing space. I would love to write in some remote location deep in some jungle or on a beach, isolated from the rest of the world. A place where I will write to the sunrise and sunset. And the day that book will be done it will be a masterpiece by all definitions of the word, a best-seller and even an award winning title. Dreams are valid right?


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