A definition of my kind of Family…


Hold your horses, yes you having read the title thinking I am dedicating this blog to my father, mother and siblings. You thinking that I will rant on and on how we love one another and sit and hold hands and we would do just about anything for our family. But essentially I am going to borrow some core values of what a family is and what it should be.
A family from time immemorial is consider to be the fabric that forms any society. It is the foundation stone from which any society stems from. There many things that a family is supposed to be but I guess one of the most core values that it breeds is love. Also a family is sort of a safe haven for it members who live life with a sense of security that somewhere they have a family they could ultimately run to.
On that note, I am much more interested with the metaphorical definition of family which according to Wikipedia is used to create a more inclusive categories such as community, nationhood, global village and humanism. Hope you have now started to get the drift. When we wrote about why we blog one of the things you were to deal with was as to who you would like to connect with through your blog.
I hope that among this vast community of bloggers I get to interact with different people, from different parts of this world, with different opinions from mine, and most importantly that through that we get to learn a little something from each other. And if a the end of it we end up forming a community of strangers united not because we are of the same blood but because we have understood the true meaning of what a family instills in us among many things is to be humane.
So yes this is a dedication to you reading this blog, today I want you to be reading this blog and hope we get to interact in one way or another.
What would you want out a family?


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