I write because there is this voice inside of me that just won’t stop talking to me. I try to run away from it but eventually it gets to me and I have not much of a choice but to write. Also writing is a type of escape for me that allows me to create the kind of world that I would love to be living in.
I write on a variety of topics be it love, fiction, life and drama. I draw my inspiration from what is happening everyday around me from my own experiences and from those around me. I tell my stories according to what I would like to see certain things around me being done.
Through my writing I would very much love to connect with anyone out there who after reading my stories either agrees or disagrees with my point of view of the world as it is and as I perceive it to be.
What I hope to accomplish? I would love to touch lives, inspire others and maybe even change lives through my writing. That is as simple as it will get for all those wondering why I even bother to write.


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