If I Win the Lottery…

My phone would vibrate (it’s always on vibration mode because ringtones just piss me). I would stare at the new number thinking whether I should pick it up or just ignore it. Then I would pick it up. The operator on the other end would inquire about my name and such details and then the good news would come. I will have won the lottery, some insanely huge amount. Don’t get me wrong but at first I would not jump around or make any fuss about the winning. In this parts of the woods I have seen enough pranksters to just get excited over a call. But after some convincing I would accept my luck.
Next on my agenda would be to fast-track the receipt of my winning. Then it will just be the downhill spiral. First, I would get someone who would find me a loophole to either not pay or pay the least taxes on my recent loot. You should understand with all the corruption around I am not feeling particularly patriotic on doing my civic duty.
Being a Christian having been brought up with that as my religion comes the next part. A tithe is paramount. Stealing from the Almighty would be sacrilegious to say the least. I am not sure whether I would be comfortable giving such a lump sum to a church instead the amount of my tithe I would put into some good causes (charities whose main mission is all about changing lives).
Then trouble would start. I would move out to a posh neighborhood, get me a chef and a live-in nanny. My king-like lifestyle will have started. And icing on the cake I would get me a top of the range machine. Not just any car. A Rolls Royce phantom and a chauffeur. You will understand old money doesn’t get new money unless you make a statement. A blissful life you could call it.
I know by now some of you are frowning. How could this guy be so naïve? He comes across such luck and then just shoots himself in the foot. Well recently I came across a saying in the book The Richest Man in Babylon ‘A part of all you earn is yours to keep.’ By such a time I will have given part of the sum to a professional to multiply it on my behalf. So my extravagant living will just be on a part of the budget. So what would happen when the well runs dry? I would auction off the house and the car and retire to some shack in the countryside. Why you ask? When I could just get additional funds from my investments. Well to cleanse myself of that life. To remind myself of where I come from least I get addicted to living an existence that is not mine.
You could call that the perfect mix of brilliance and stupidity. I hope I win the lottery.




If we were having coffee right now we would be seated at an isolated table in the corner of the coffee shop. We would be seated looking at the activities going on outside. People going about their businesses each oblivious to the other.
The steaming cups of coffee going cold in front of us would be of no bother to us. You would be telling me all about what you’ve been up to lately. Your joys and pains. The boss at your workplace who is a complete pain in the ass. That new relationship that you are in that you are hopeful will probably last longer and go further than the previous. Your dreams that you still cling on and are still adamant that before life ends you will have achieved them. You will rant about the weather lately and how just recently you were fighting a cold from the sudden changes.
Then I will tell you all about my ordeals lately. I will tell you of my progress in school and how some of the lectures are getting harder by the day (leave alone the things taught that lately are more of an enigma). My dreams and nightmares that seem to be growing bigger everyday even scaring me the bearer of them.
Better still I will tell you of my latest dilemma. I am currently at both the top and bottom at the same time. How is that? You will wonder. Well, I am at what is infamously known as the writer’s block. I have been coming up with very amazing pieces just recently I was at the top of the world and then out of nowhere I hit rock bottom. It’s like my creativity has died off. I seem to be in a position where I can’t come up with anything that you would consider readable. Or is it just in my head?
Hours later we would finish our cold coffees not complaining but glad that we got the chance to catch up. In the back of our minds we will be longing for the next time we get to do it again.


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An angel sent from above come to change our lives; there are two sides to that statement just like the two sides of a coin.

She was everything we had hoped for for nearly two decades .The small sister we never had,Magret Chloe Naserian  

.She was like an angel sent from up above come down to earth to change our lives.Though, I was particulary skeptical about love at first sight she affirmed it that it actually does exist.I was beyond smitten by her the very first time and deep down I knew it was the kind of love that lasts forever.

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Something from my starting days..

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Title:none,Content:love is not negotiable its a guessing game and thats the beauty of it its like diving into a pool of water without knowing if its shallow or deep and if its shallow you end up hurt and paralyzed from the neck down but if its deep……its a leap of faith

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SECRET MOST FOUL…(of skeletons in the most unlikely of places)

Inspired by: https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/88161973/1164

‘When did all this start?’ she would ask.
‘I don’t know when it happened, it just did,’ Maria would answer.
Maria was playing this likely scenario in her mind. She had to make up her mind fast, her window was expiring. Her hands were trembling, ‘What if the reaction is even worse?’ the thought could not be ignored. It was either she tells her mum about her situation or she would lose the love of her life. That was the ultimatum.
She had been born into a loving family. Being Christian, she was brought up in accordance with the church and from an early age she was involved in the activities of the church. Her father was an elder in the church and her mother was heavily invested in the women’s guild. Her childhood was just like any other quite normal actually you could say she very much enjoyed playing with her peers.
Things started getting out of hand as she completed her primary school. All her girlfriends by then were pretty much infatuated by this or that boy. But she was different, she did not feel attracted to any boy. Then it was nothing to worry about she had read about late bloomers as they were referred to those who matured much later than the expected age. Naturally she was to attend a Christian all-girl high school. It was those years among all those girls that she found herself. At first she was unsure why she was particularly excited by girls. She had come across an article that had described this queer behavior of people who are attracted to their same sex. Was she queer? Was something wrong with her? Why did she like girls?
Years later in the university she had met and fallen in love with Jackie. They had kept their relationship under wraps for a long time. Now they were at that age when society expected them to be getting married and raising kids. The pressure from their families was growing on what their future as long as starting families of their own was concerned. Jackie wanted them to come clean. Maria was hesitant. She was a Christian (we her kind not condemned in the Bible?). But the Lord was a merciful God, surely won’t He have mercy on her soul for this atrocity? But she didn’t ask for this?
Today, Maria is seated in the living room she grew up in. She has come home for the weekend. Jackie had issued the ultimatum the week before. It was now or never. Her mum was expected to walk in any time now from a bible study meeting. Would she have the courage to do it? What will the reaction of her parents be? The turmoil in her mind was not doing any good to help her current situation. What will the future hold?

THE EPISTLES (Part Two…The End)


Dear Former Lover,
You were a dream come true. That day years ago when I first laid my eyes on you was like a prophecy come true. I will not claim that my heart skipped a beat quite the contrary. I was gripped with fear of whether I would muster enough courage to approach you. Sorry for my crappy lines, I swear I had it at least planned out how I wanted our first meeting to go but I guess not everything goes according to plan.
The moments after that day were blissful to say the least. I had the world at my feet. Even a couple of my friends came to claim that then I had grown a shade lighter. I came to love you to bits, you never let me have anything easy and that fueled further the flame that was already there. You could say we were toxic together our worlds were colliding head on but we didn’t care to die on impact. Those tears in your eyes when I went down on one knee to this day makes my heart glow with pride.
Now to the reason why I am writing this letter before I derail and end up only reminiscing the magical memories we made (we have been through thick and thin). I am yet to return from that dark place you sent me to. How could you? I thought you would have laid down your life for the good thing we had going. I am not sure whether it’s the deceit or the betrayal that hurts the most. When did you decide we were not good enough? When did our ship hit the iceberg? When did it start leaking water? And could we not repair it before it sunk? When did you give up on us?
The future? For me it is lost. What will I do without you? I had pictured us growing old together. Me and you, old and gray (all our teeth having fallen off) our love strong as ever. I am at the bottom currently, I am drained. I don’t even know whether I have the energy to start all over again. I don’t even know whether I will do it. Do I have those thoughts if you were wondering? Yes. I wish my life would end. Save me from this misery, I consider it a heart disease because a heartbreak does not suffice to describe the agony I am going through.
I only hope that this letter of mine elicits a response from you, the others have gone unanswered. It would give me closure to hear your side of the story.
All the Best,
The Apprentice.

WHEN THE DUST SETTLES… (Will you still be standing?)

‘I don’t care…,’ she interjected.
‘Please listen to what I am trying to tell you,’ he pleaded.
Jaime tried to cover his ears and fall back asleep but he couldn’t. He had slept on the sofa and today they were at it again and it was not even first light. Their arguments now had become more frequent and he tried to remember when this rift between his parents had started. He thought of storming into the bedroom to try and stop them but could he really fathom why they were at it this time round?
The past few years had been bad. All around even the economy was in a sort of recession, tough times for everyone. Even at home Jaime had noticed they had had to cut back on a few things to get by. He was not worried they had always gone through rough patches but each time they had pulled through. That is what that made them strong as a family.
However, lately things seemed to have taken a turn for the worst. The animosity between his parents seemed to be growing. They appeared to assume that he and his siblings were too young and nothing really was being discussed among the family members. Or were they just ignorant? Jaime had been observing them lately and he was sure he could tell that lately their behavior gave the impression that even their affection towards each other was no longer there.
The cards were falling.
That morning his father stormed out with a small bag. All Jaime could think about was that the beginning of the end? He had always suspected that things were tough financially but to what extent he never imagined it could get to what was happening.
Years later and their normal had changed. His parents never got back together. They didn’t get a divorce either. The family structure they had grown up in was now completely shattered. It was now a distant memory of what a family used to be. Sometimes he recalled the quote, ‘A family that stays together, eats together and prays together,’ that now was a lost reality (forced forfeit in the true sense). Now they had two realities to live with.
He had gone through the phases of trying to maybe find a solution or looking for the person to blame for the situation that they were in currently. He had been to the edge of the cliff dangling off and now acceptance was settling in. He had given up after realizing one way or the other he would have to live with their current status quo. But he was bitter now. He did not ask for this. He wanted the family he had grown up in again. Why should he go through this? Who put them here? Who is to blame? Is there anything that could be done? The turmoil in his mind was enough to make someone go mad.
Today it is like living on the top floor of an apartment building that you know the foundation is faulty. With time you get used to that mortal fear of knowing that at any time the building could come tumbling down. At times you even forget the fear. But at the back of your mind there is that voice however soft that is always reminding you that you will one day be buried beneath the rubble when the foundation finally gives in. Jaime is waiting for that day.



Power!!…I know a strange topic but in the workplace it is always buzzing with power wrangles of who is more powerful than the other.

What is power? According to Wikipedia power is having control or influence over people. The workplace was almost automatically designed in an ascending order where there are those at the bottom who yield the least power while those at the top yield more power. But, then naturally humans are designed to want to yield the most power. It is the simplest case of the forces of nature against man made forces, and we are yet to find a middle ground where the two forces balance.

Power corrupts, is the infamous saying that we all grew up constantly being drilled into our little brains to view having power really as an all out evil thing to have. Into our teenage years, the sagely words of the saying only ring very softly in our brains. We go forth and get into the real world and suddenly power becomes this promised land, full of milk and honey, that we all aspire to get to. And we are ready to do just about anything and trample over anyone who gets on our path to us having ultimate power.

So finally, what is my issue…..I have a few questions…..What is true power?? What is the right way to utilize the power that you have?? Is there really any ethical path to take towards getting power??( remember the end justifies the means) Ponder on that.

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