Lately, I’ve been tested. You know those points in your being life throws you this tests. As if to see if u’ll cave in to the pressure.
It gets me thinking of the tensile tests done on steel. Before use steel has to be tested for its quality and strength. Simply put you take a sample of the steel and continuously apply a load to it, up to its breaking point just to see whether it can withstand the pressure. Then and only then, if the results are as expected the steel is put to use. If not the steel is discarded and another sample has to be obtained.
I personally think this is what life is doing when it throws challenges our way. They are meant to test your faith. As if to find out who is worthy to keep on living.
As I was on the verge of collapse, you know that point when you are on a ledge dangling off just about to stumble to your death. Something came to me (I will not call it a vision so that you don’t get it twisted. I am not here on any divine mission). It got me thinking of athletes. Why athletes? (I know someone may be wondering). When an athlete is at the starting line, they are excited the thought of what awaits them at the finish line must make their bloods boil. The allure of crossing the finish line first and clinching the gold medal and that is besides the glory that comes with winning. Then the race starts. And suddenly, it’s literally all about blood, sweat and tears. They give it their all, at that point giving up is not an option not considering what lies at the other end. What do they do? They give it their all, even if it means pushing beyond their limits.
That there is what I term as resilience, being able to keep going even if it may seem that all is lost. In life such moments are numerous when you completely hit the bottom, then think of the athlete who keeps on going. Despite the hurdles that life throws at you, hope you don’t give in to the pressure then you may no longer be considered worthy to keep on living. I’ll finish off with these words that even I when I heard them boosted my morale, someone said, ‘The road of life is hard, but when you get to the top the view is amazing.’ Be resilient.



After work yesterday, bored and tired, I get into a matatu waiting to finally get home and fall into deep sleep(it is that hectic). Then when we were just about to get to our destination, this lady who was to alight on the way comes from the back to the seat adjacent to mine. What got me startled was that she had a book in her hand, and as Kenyans will probably tell you our matatus at night are a buzz with multiple colored lights. That whole time I had been staring up at this yellow lights and at the back of the matatu there were purple or some other colored light. I sat wondering can you really read a book with this lights!!!

As my surprise subsided, I finally got to get a look at the title of her book, “REPAIR of DAMAGED EMOTIONS” at that instant it hit me on the title of the books we read. Truly, the books we read are a somewhat reflection of the points we are in our lives and the things we are going through.

Just think of it….The title of the book you have in your hand. What does it say about you. Currently, I am reading the book by Robin Sharma on leadership, so you can judge for yourself at what point in my life I am in. With the many failed relationships, broken marriages, scarred and bruised emotions and all that, I think people have finally discovered the power of a good read. What they are yet to figure out is that that same title betrays them.

As we all read the back cover after that enlightening read and put that book on our shelves to gather dust, the most pressing question is whether we have found the answers we were looking for when we picked up that book because of its title. Those looking for remedies to their broken marriages and relationships, do they fix them after reading that book? Those looking to be better at whatever they do? Those seeking to get a better understanding of the supreme being?? These are some of the pressing questions I am yet to find answers to. So next time you pick up a book to read, remember to mind its title.

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